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Friday, March 30, 2012

Found two more sleepy kiddo pics

Stephen took my camera to Haiti, so I'm filling in with older pictures that strike my fancy.  I am on a mission to buy white shoes for Therese today.  In a zealous cleaning frenzy last year, I must have thrown out our hand-me-down shoe supply.  So Therese will be getting new shoes and we'll see if they stick around long enough for Marianna to use (that would be 6 years from now!). 


  1. Whatever you are feeding those kids, I want some! haha!

  2. Sometimes life just gets too chaotic and we miss naptime. Then I can't resist taking a picture of course. I know there is one more of John Paul sleeping on his potty chair but I can't find it. Haven't been reading blogs regularly but noticed you are battling the flu at your house. Praying everyone is better now.