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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along

Obviously, I'm still working on the Fleurette jacket.  Seems like I've barely started.  I did get the ribbing done and figured out the math to cast on for the upper body.  Also discovered an extra hank downstairs in a box (good thing we've started spring cleaning!).  Because the weather is unusually warm and delicious this March, we are spending a ton of time outside soaking up the sun. I'll have to look for a less involved knitting project (Therese has been begging for a new hat...I hardly think she'll need one this Spring, though.) and pick up on the jacket in the Fall.

I'm just about finished with Redeemed (last week's read) but couldn't resist starting Parched by the same author,  Heather King.  The first book is a group of essays about her thoughts on the Catholic Church and musings about her life in general.  The second book is her journey to sobriety after something like 20 years of alcohol abuse.  Kind of unusual reading for me, I've definitely learned a lot.

Not sure if it was the lack of snow this winter or the immediate warm-up, but my garden boxes went from drowning to dry in just 2 days!  Makes me want to plant something.

Lots of playing in the woods,  drinking lemonade and SOCCER!

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