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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miss Mari Mack

I'm sure you're all tired of my Marianna posts but I can't get enough of her, so bear with me!  Miss Mari Mack is just one of her many nicknames.  Dan calls her Mari-nana and when she's being a tad naughty, he changes it to Mari-no-no.  A new favorite activity is carrying empty milk jugs around and trying to drink out of them.  Thankfully she hasn't figured out how to get the covers off...yet.

She also carries books around until someone has pity on her and reads out loud.

Can't believe how long she's getting.

And her hair has a mind of its own!

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Her favorite person is Joe's friend Adam.  Stephen took this picture the other night.   When Adam is over you can be sure Marianna is close by.

She wore that pretty dress coat all day Sunday.
She's not too sure about Stephen, though.  Granted the rest of us aren't too sure about him either.


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