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Friday, March 9, 2012

Recap of the big birthday

Last night's party included a yummy cake.  I usually let the birthday boy(or girl) make the choice but Gabriel didn't really care so I overruled all other suggestions and made this Cafe Latte Turtle Cake from Midwest Living magazine.

Gabriel gave his full approval so we were good to go.

We had the usual guests...grandparents and godparents, with a couple of 20 yo friends of Joe and Tim's thrown in for good measure.  (They were out in the garage still working on Joe's car.  Let me repeat that again.   STILL WORKING ON JOE'S CAR!!!  This batch of repairs has become their magnum opus. Dan's ready to junk it.)

Clare serenaded Grandpa Dave with all of her Book 3 piano pieces and Therese directed the singing of the birthday song.

I captured one  somewhat blurry picture of our birthday boy with cake.

His favorite gift,by far, was this pair of tennis shoes (which I think says a lot about being the ninth kid in the family).  They were so loved that he insisted on wearing them to bed!

Oops, wrong feet!
Well, that's the latest from our house.  This morning I have to pick Dan up from work and get paperwork notarized for the Haiti trip.  Just 17 days until they fly off into the sunset.  Since Stephen is only 16 and neither of us will be traveling with him, we have to sign him away to Debbi.  Ha!  No really...I'm so glad they're traveling with the Gischia family.  It makes it a little easier to see them leave the country (especially after hearing some of the details of the trip).  Thanks to so many generous friends,  their trips are both completely paid for. (By the way, check's in the mail, Deb.)  I need to figure out how to link to the Hands for Haiti website, so you can receive daily updates on this blog while Joseph and Stephen are actually there.  Better get thing organized before I head out the door today.  Have a good one!

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