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Saturday, March 10, 2012

News Alert

Stephen is gainfully employed at the Prep School. Although he officially starts his new job on Monday, yesterday he went grocery shopping with the Snack Bar Manager and got paid for it.  I've already informed him that he will remain on volunteer status when buying groceries for our family.  There will be no negotiating of wages.  Period.   He may have also managed to get some work for Joseph, since the Manager will be on vacation in a couple of weeks and will need someone to fill in.  When Stephen is motivated, things really happen!

I also noticed when I was setting up the news feed for Hands for Haiti that Debbi is working on a new fundraiser before the trip.  So I thought I would let you know about it since you won't see the feed if you subscribe through Google Reader or have posts emailed to you.  I generally write this blog for my Mom and Dad so I haven't really explained our connection with Hands for Haiti.  So for anyone else that is interested out there in cyberspace, here's a quick rundown.   I met Debbi way back in our college days.  As a matter of fact, we muddled through an entire year as roommates (and I've never been the same since!).  Anyway, over the years we've kept in touch (she lives in MI). Debbi and her husband Jeff are John Paul's godparents (our kids say that makes them members of our family).  You can read about their experiences in Haiti starting here. When Debbi feels God is calling her to do something she just moves with the Spirit and things happen.  It's always amazed me...OK, I'll be honest...it annoyed me when we were in college but now that I don't live with her, I think she's amazing.  The upcoming trip that our guys are going on will also include Debbi, Jeff and four of their children.  We love you guys! Oops, got a little long-winded. So much for the quick rundown!

On a totally random binge... when we tell Marianna to give us her grumpy look, this is the result.  Then she laughs.  She thinks she is so funny. She also plunged to freedom this morning instead of waiting for someone to get her out of her crib.  No bumps or bruises to show for it though. 

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