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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm still working on the fleurette jacket from last week.  This narrow strip
which will be the middle section of the jacket, is taking FOREVER. 
It's downright boring but on the upside I only have about 4 inches left to go. 

I am reading Redeemed by Heather King this week.  She's not your typical Catholic writer.  This book is her journey from recovering alcoholic to being received into the Church.  She's lived quite the life and I think she has an interesting perspective.  

For our breakfast reading,  we are working our way through St. Patrick's Summer.  Just like it says, it's an adventure catechism.  We've had this book for forever and when I saw it on the shelf, I knew it would make a great Lenten read.  The catechism is taught through time-travel stories of Old and New Testament happenings.  The first chapter on the nature of God is not to be missed. I love revisiting old favorites with the younger bunch in our family.

Totally off the subject here...check out what I found on the bathroom floor this morning...alive and kicking...a not so friendly wasp!  Hope there aren't anymore wherever he came from....please....

Anyway,  check out Ginny's Yarn Along for some great knitting and reading ideas.


  1. St. Patrick's Summer sounds like a great way to get adventure-seeking little boys to sit still and listen! Will definitely add it to my list for when my son is older - thanks so much for sharing! Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

  2. I just finished off a similar front band of a sweater--what a relief to finish!