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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Johnny at the Piano

Every few years, we have another little person who wants to join the ranks of musicians in our family.  I always try to put them off for a while. (The newness of lessons wears off so fast and I am left with another mini-maestro to prod along.)

Johnny has been no exception.  Finally, this past week, I asked him to pick his poison.  What will it be...piano or guitar?  He chose piano and had his very, first lesson yesterday.

Practicing how to position his fingers.

Linda makes it fun to learn line notes and space notes.
Marianna adds to the craziness.

We are so grateful for our awesome teacher, Linda.  What's it been?  Something like 11 years of  guitar or piano lessons.  (I don't know...is that at least 10,000 twinkles?)


  1. Now how old is he? Angela just started this week too!

    1. He's 7 with zero attention span, so we'll see how it goes!