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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yarn Along

It's been awhile since I joined Ginny's Yarn Along.  Really all I've knit since Francis was born is this little aviatrix baby hat.

Took a couple of different passwords to even get into my Ravelry account!  Anyway, this was the best photo I could get with my model.

I guess hats in August aren't his favorite attire.
As for what I'm reading right now,  I'm kind of in-between books.  I was on a binge, reading spree for the past few months, but I think I have to buckle down and plan our school year.  Yep, it's definitely August.


  1. I love the Aviatrix! I have knit several of them for baby presents and have two more to knit this fall. One for a baby born this past May and one for a baby due in December.

    1. It was so FUN to knit and really adorable on a little baby head! I will be making many more of these. Maybe even larger ones for some of my older kids.

  2. oh my goodness, beautiful model. <3 that hat looks great. that is such a fun knit.

  3. beautiful knit and yeah, it's a little warm in August. I hate when I cannot remember a password let alone a user name, just when through that with the direct tv acct...

  4. Aviatrix is on my Ravelry queue, and one day, I'll actually knit it.