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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making Pickles

Every year about this time, someone gives us cucumbers (way too many cucumbers to eat on lettuce salad), so we make cucumber salsa and refrigerator pickles....and give the pickles to Grandma for her birthday.  Here's a few pictures from the process...

Therese wanted to help chop.  So being the generous mother that I am, I let her battle it out with the onions. Guess she won't be volunteering her services again any time soon.

And here's a random picture of our garden produce from yesterday...

AND Gabriel wanted me to post this picture of his rocks (not sure why)....

He's very proud of those little beauties!

AND...one more thing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA!!
p.s.  tomorrow we will post about the newest pair of glasses in our family...and...psst... they don't belong to Marianna


  1. I read somewhere that chewing peppermint gum helps with no tears onion peeling AND it works!!!

    We used to make refrigerator pickles with vinegar and water, salt and pepper and onions, right?

    (What is the ratio of water/vinegar?)

  2. Peppermint gum going on the shopping list. The recipe I used calls for 2 cups sugar and 1 cup vinegar but there are lots of different versions out there. My mom always puts in celery seed. This time she had to add her own because I didn't have any.