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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just a little science...

Matthew and Andrew started out this school year
 finishing up on last year's science.
Zoology 3...learning about various sea creatures.
They made this ocean scene out of a cardboard box...

and tissue paper.
The various critters were made from clay.

They really wanted to move on to anatomy this Fall,
so I bribed them to finish up the sea creatures
and last week we started the anatomy book.
 The first project involved all this candy...
 a box of jello...

 and a kitchen full of rambunctious kids.
(Not necessary for the project but it sure adds to the fun!)
 They were studying cells and the various candies
represented all of the parts within the cell.
 It took a couple of hours for the jello to gel and Dan and I
had to head to town for holy hour and the Bishop's
Mass for Peace.
 So all of this chaos was corralled by Clare...
and, thankfully, she took plenty of pictures.
By the time I made it home, all that was left was
runny jello and a few pieces of candy.

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