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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lest you think our life is dull here...

(or Septic Guy Part III!)
I decided to brave the below zero weather to get a bird's eye view
of our latest landscape endeavor.
This is what happens when more than Jack Frost is nipping at your nose!
The septic guy returneth to dig up the yard a bit.
And here's the indoor view of how we lived through Christmas
with no drain field (only 8 days, but who's counting?)...
No water shall go down that drain!
One working shower for 10 people...
not a problem!
Dan made it all come out in the wash...
that's right, I still kept up with the laundry
(just a few minor plumbing changes).
Because this is the ingenious handy Dan water filtration system!
(Maybe someday, I'll even get the wall back in my laundry room.)
The best news of all... they tell us our system is back up and running as of 11AM today.
But really...who's counting?


  1. Oh my! Praise God though that you are up and running again. I cannot tell you how often I thought of you and your septic system since you last posted about it. As if I didn't already know it, you are a saint, Kim! Blessings to your wonderful family in the new year!

  2. I catch myself saying, "What would Kim do?" quite often. Wow. Hope by this time you have everything back to normal. You are blessed to have MacGyver for a husband!!

    Loved catching up! The tree getting one was my favorite...so many things going on. we quit going as a family because of those things, half would be crabby, half would be freezing and it was such a hassle, that Tom decided on getting a fake tree (gasp!!) Oh, well...no crabbies anymore.

    Cookie baking (I missed that this year), bread/roll baking....so much fun in your home. SO much LOVE!

    We pray for all of you every day.
    God bless you all, especially in the new year.

    And Frances? He does NOT look like a girl yet.

    (we are all sick...have been since Christmas....wet and rainy and actually cold here, the high today is like 43!!)