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Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Little of This and a Little of That

We had a light snowfall this week...

so the kids went out to stack wood.

Last picture of our dining room rug...
and first picture of its replacement.
Dan came home with these pans to make taco
bowls out of tortillas...
 I made the taco fixings...
and everyone had fun filling their own bowl.
(Except Dan and I, we went out to eat
after all the littles were fed!)

Francis is in to dollies right now...
 he loves to lay next to them and have us
wrap them in blankets and
when he's tired of them, then I have to carry
them around for him.
Busy making doll clothes. 
Remember when I did this for Clare? 
She is testing for her CNA on Wednesday. Prayers are
greatly appreciated. (Where has the time gone?)

Fun in the tub...
who needs water?

Sunday morning Monopoly...

and drawing with Dad.

Yep, they get their art skills from his side of the fam.

One sad looking Rice Bowl...
and Lent hasn't even started.
Fran the Ripper at his best!
Our prayers are with you both.
Kim and the Fam


  1. Those taco bowls...yum! It looks as if you are all enjoying the February days.
    Prayers for Clare on Wednesday. It was so good to see you and visit a bit on Saturday. Looking forward to hopefully doing it again soon and get the kids together :)

    1. Your place or mine? Or maybe we should descend upon Jamie's family when they return?

  2. Oh, I"m late, because I know Clare already passed that test!! Yahoo!

    Baby Francis....adorable with his dollies!
    Love the Sunday morning games and drawing...Tacos, Therese's favorite, right? We learned a new way to eat tacos down here..I'll have to post it sometime. Your doll clothes are beautiful.

    And the rug? Love it. I always wondered what people do with rugs under eating tables...how long do they last? Ours would last maybe a month.

    1. We brought that first rug with us when we moved in 17 years ago. Most of those years were under the dining room table, I thought Dan was nuts when he decided to put it there. But it survived every spill imaginable and would still be there except the edges were fraying terribly and I was afraid it would ruin my vacuum cleaner.