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Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dear Fran Man!

He started his day the same way he always does,
cup of hot cocoa with pinky up.

Grandma came to play lots of games.

Dan dished out tacos with all the fixings.

Fran Man trying to open gifts before it was time.

Almost gave in but his godmother hadn't arrived, yet.

Joseph and a super-sized taco salad.

OK, NOW you can open presents!

Big brothers helping with the "some assembly required gift".

Thank you, Grandma Lois and Grandpa Jerry, for the trains.

Two scoops of ice cream for his birthday treat.
(and raisins...don't ask me why!)

This morning he decided to try out the goggles...

and the tools are fun for older brothers, too.

Perfect for maintaining that mower.
Happy Birthday to our favorite two year old!

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