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Monday, February 16, 2015

Botany at its Best

First, I must warn you that homeschool science is very hard.  The projects
and experiments take a lot of time and preparation.
You must really concentrate to understand all of the concepts.
So to that end, I bring you the latest in Therese's botany studies.
This experiment was all about pollination.

One must bite from the powdered sugar doughnut and then
"pollinate" the plain doughnut. No hands allowed!
(Please disregard the chocolate doughnut in the picture.
I assure you it had absolutely nothing to do with
this highly scientific endeavor.)
Gabriel was utterly inspired by the subject matter.
(That would be "pollen" on his face...for all you non-botanists out there.)

I must apologize for this short break in intellectual curiosity
to bring just a small cuteness factor into the equation.
Miss Therese working in complete concentration.

Obviously, pollination is a tremendous amount of work.

Children as young as 23 months are inspired to make botany their life study.

Or maybe it's just about the doughnuts, Mom.

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  1. Fun!! I am NOT showing my kids your kids Science--OK?