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Friday, March 27, 2015

Blogging in Real Time ... Part 2

To continue from where I left off yesterday afternoon...
 Once we knew where the well would be drilled
Tim and Joe started digging to
get under the foundation of the house.
(That's in the big boy bedroom.)
Timothy doing his best coal miner imitation.

A project we started a few days ago
has kept little people entertained.

Tim bought dinner and Joe grilled it.
(Ahh, I think I'm getting spoiled!)

Dan got busy re-plumbing the entire basement.

We've been using the "camping method" for dish washing.
You know...heat water on the stove, etc.

This morning, Dan drained the water heater, in order
to move it.
we weren't sure what to do with 80 gallons of hot water...
so I got a bath out of the deal!
 (See?  Spoiled, I tell you!)
 Joe is showing me how deep they dug last night.

 Joe K. is keeping the little people out of trouble.
 Here they come!

 View from the dining room window.
 This is called "real life schooling".

 Fran Man's living the dream!
 Joe was like a kid in a candy store, too.
(He took two days off of work for this adventure.)
 Let the drilling begin.

Two hours later, we have water!
(Well, not in the house just yet.
Stay tuned for the next part of our adventure.)

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  1. I'm glad you can look at it as an adventure, Kim. I look at it and cringe thinking of all the hassle and work. And not to state the already obvious, the $$$. I'm glad Joseph came to help keep the troops wrangled ;) Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers and hope the water's on soon!