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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Fever

Half way through Lent and Therese was begging to make
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.
Someone else was pretty excited about them, too!
Changing out the flannels, I had to take a picture
'cuz it looked so Springy.
But nothing like hanging laundry on the line
really says winter is over.
Francis has rediscovered wagon rides...
cushion and blanket are added amenities when you're as spoiled as this guy is!

The many faces of Miss Nonnie and some new glasses.
Don't ask about pair #8...
let's just say, "Prize to the first one to find them!"
The view at my house as Johnny and I were heading out the door
Saturday morning...
All prepped for the State Piano Contest!
Comparing notes before the big moment!
The return trip home found these in the entryway.
Guess who's home for Spring Break!

1 comment:

  1. So much spring! I love it. We're very ready for it and the little girls seem to have spring fever like crazy. I mean, really, they are like crazy little people right now. We need to get outside! We so enjoyed those warmer temps last week and breathing that fresh air. Happy Spring!