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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging in Real Time... Part 3

As activity continued outside yesterday afternoon,
the kids finished a project we started a few
days ago.

 We painted and decoupaged an entire set
 for Holy Week.
 I think they turned out rather nicely and
the littles are having so much fun playing with them.
 Then Dan arrived with the mini excavator to dig
the trench from the well to the house.

After some minor tree trimming, the guys got to work...
only to discover that the machinery couldn't dig through the frost line.

So we called in our favorite septic guys
(remember them from this post?)

 And they made light work of the whole project.

 This morning bright and early, "well guy" was here
to run the plumbing and electricity to the house.

 Made for better entertainment than Saturday
morning cartoons.

Dan had everything ready in the basement.

 It's hard for a DIY guy like Dan to not at least
help the professional a little!

 Hard to believe that little thing is going to
give us better water pressure than this
house has ever known.
(I'm sure Stephen could easily describe the physics behind it.
But I'd probably tune him out before I learned anything.)
Septic guy's back to finish excavation!
We have water in the house!
Oh wait!  Blogged that too soon...
excavating turned disaster,
frozen soil shattered the pipe for the well.
This is the scene as I type right now.
A meeting of the minds.
It is 3PM on the third day of no water,
I'll be back after I finish hyper-ventilating...


  1. Oh, no Kim!!! I was hoping you'd have some pictures of this!

    Do you need anything? I offered Dan our big orange jug of water...or anything. Want to come and shower? :)

    Those dolls turned out awesome!!
    I've always wanted to do those, but can't paint very good...

  2. My husband is reading over my shoulder while I hyperventilate with you. AAHHH!!!
    What a Lent!!

    The dolls though, wow! I've looked at people doing those before, but like Jamie, I'm not good at painting. Well done!

    1. OK you two, the dolls are super easy to paint. I cannot paint!!! Dan is the artsy person around here. Matthew and Andrew helped with painting and I put the faces on with a skinny Sharpie marker. Easy peasy, I'm telling you.