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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little height extension

That's what I am calling this....

Notice that the stool is directly under the light switch.   Marianna has discovered a whole new world with this  little height extender.  Our bathroom stools are no longer confined to the bathroom.  She moves them from floor to floor in search of more light switches that must be turned on.   The other night I woke up at 4AM (yes, 4 o'clock in the very, way too early morning) to what seemed like daylight.  Marianna had decided it was morning and she was busy scraping the stool across the main floor, turning on every light switch she could find.  I whisked her back up the stairs and, in no uncertain terms, let her know that she needed to stay in  bed for at least a couple more hours.  Thankfully, we haven't had a repeat performance.  Yet!

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