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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We're just going to title this one...WEIRD!

This was in the bag of odds and ends from Sr. Judith.   It was a fake egg that was supposed to sit in water for 48 hours and then hatch out a duck.  I was going to keep it for Easter, but knowing me it would have been long forgotten by then.  The kids thought it was great fun,  I just think it's plain old WEIRD!

Unlike my homeschool science experiments, it DID actually work, though!  Gotta give it a few points for that at least.


  1. OK, have to comment on your last statement...because we had yet another failed Science experiment today!! Boiled quarters for like 3 minutes and they just got cold in the water, they did not heat up the water like they were supposed to. Stupid.

    Guess we need to get a duck egg.

    1. I am so NOT a science person. Just don't get it. I can do the nature thing, but the experiments leave me in the dust. Even if they work, I usually can't figure out what the point of the whole thing was. We need a science tutor!!!