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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Update

So here's the family update in a quick version:

Joseph....getting anxious to head back to school,  cooking some, fishing some, fixing cars and other stuff around the house LOTS.

Tim....back at school and Grandma and Grandpa's house, survived the homschool play(barely), cleaned his car for a (dare I say it)...DATE on Tuesday night!

Stephen...starting dreaded College Writing class on Mon., survived homeschool play and must have caught acting bug, tried out for GREAT's Charlotte's Web(update on this in near future).

Clare...running on treadmill everyday (wish this motivated me more to get on that thing!...but it doesn't), jumped back in to studies and is enjoying  reading Rifles for Waite in history right now.

Matthew....played RISK with the Joe's earlier this week and is now obsessed,  helping Dan rip apart 6-wheeler (needs lots of repairs)

Andrew....also obsessed with RISK,  hoping to see the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet concert on Fri. afternoon (note to self, must plan rides for this and biology class at the same time...plus, who will be home with littles?  UGH!)

Therese...learning to knit (will show pictures in the future) and has decided it's OK if baby isn't a girl (thank you very much).

Johnny...has caught the fishing bug and loves to slide on the icy, sledding hill (that's all that's left after rain and warm weather, LOTS OF ICE)

Gabriel...still pulling sleds around the yard, although in his more daring moments he will go down the hill now.

Marianna....my snuggle bug spends 50% of the day in the recliner with me reading books to her and the other 50% begging to watch movies (she does like more than just Cars now, yeah!)

Dan....feeling better after first set of cortisone shots,  getting ready for the big Men's Retreat coming up in March, building gargantuan fish house for next year!!!

Me...thyroid meds...check....extra iron....check....a tiny bit of time on that darn treadmill everyday....check...feeling pretty excellent in week 33, despite the usual contractions....check!!

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