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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Happy Birthday for Johnny!

Johnny turned 8 yesterday. 
 He has been counting down the days to Bday since before Christmas!
Imagine his disappointment, when he discovered that we weren't having any guests over to celebrate.
This is what happens when  your godparents live a few states away and your
 Mom and Grandma get their wires crossed.
So we sort of turned the whole day into a party.
Starting with everyone helping to make the cheesecakes...

Yay!  One made it into the oven without disaster striking.
This one is supposed to be baked in a water bath. (More on that later.)

Had plenty of help with the clean up.

Poor Francis was stuck with a cracker.
Then Dan made it home from Mens' Group in time to see Johnny open
his presents.  (Here's your gift, Grandma and Grandpa, straight from Amazon.
Didn't even bother to wrap it...the birthday boy didn't care.)

Hobbit Lego Game

It was a huge hit...they played it all afternoon (and still at it this morning).
Which gave me some time to head down to the fish house with Dan and hang out
in the quiet on the lake.  (Translation...we were too cheap to go anywhere
for our anniversary.  Ice fishing = free celebratory get-away.) 
23 years and counting!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they made iced tea to take the celebration to new heights of FUN...

and we finished off the day with Rich Man Tacos (translation - taco meat with no beans) and
two kinds of cheesecake, which barely survived my fishing expedition. 
 Forgot it in its water bath.  No worries...only slightly soggy!
But the birthday boy was none the wiser,
so we're declaring this birthday a success.
Happy 8th Birthday, John Paul Benedict!

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