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Sunday, January 5, 2014

How we've stayed busy for an extended cold snap...

First of all, it helps to have a few extremely popular Christmas gifts.

This maze thingy (like my description?)  has kept everyone busy, including all of the visitors we had over the Christmas holiday.

Most of the older kids have it figured out.  Johnny claims that he's beat it, too.  We're not sure if we believe him, though.


Then there's this big guy who came courtesy of Fr. John Paul (Francis' godfather). He's really soft and HUGE!!!

Some of the crew have tried riding him and here Andrew is dancing with him (wish I could have got it on video).  Then there was a little fighting with our friendly pony, as well.

They've also stayed busy with some bigger puzzles...
 and plenty of fresh air...

and fishing...

when it's been warm enough to be outside, that is.
We'll see if we all go crazy by tomorrow when the temps. are supposed to break some records.
SOME PEOPLE in this family are pushing for a break from school.
I say, maybe we need a little school to whip things back into shape around here.
Been off since before Christmas...gotta get back in the groove sometime!

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