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Monday, January 6, 2014

Update on the fam!

Haven't done one of these since before Francis was born.  Gonna just give a few details for each person since time is limited these days...

Joseph...since leaving seminary, passed on the job at Auto Value.  Started working 8-5 for the Co-op (maintenance on trucks) and will be a fertilizer applicator for the summer. Fishing on the weekends and becoming a pro at ping pong in the evenings.

Tim...enjoying break from school, working his usual hours at Auto Value and picking up the odd grocery items that I seem to forget these days.  Losing skill at ping pong and trying valiantly to keep his car on the road in the crazy weather we've been having lately.

Stephen...cleaned out the basement of his new (away-from-home) living arrangements and will be moving there on Thursday.  Delivering pizza 5 nights a week to stay afloat financially and just lost his ping pong title last night. (So sad!)

Clare...reading the Hunger Games novels voraciously (while texting simultaneously...guess we all have to be good at something).  Hoping we never start up with school again!!

Matthew...watching hours of Indiana Jones and crafting endless marble runs for younger siblings.

Andrew...designing buildings on an ancient 3D Home Architect program (the one I borrowed from Grandpa Jerry...13 years ago, but who's counting?) Patiently waiting for his mother to get back into that school thing!

Therese...beading, beading and more beading.  Staying up WAY. TOO. LATE !!! to do more beading.

Johnny...can anyone say "football"?  It's the play-offs...what else is there in life?

Gabriel...begging for anyone to play games with him (except Marianna, apparently she doesn't count as a worthy adversary in his eyes)  Also, begging for people to go sledding with him, which he is slightly more convincing at.

Marianna...What can I say?  She's in charge. Right?! I just glued her glasses back together for the sixth time. (Note to self...must order new glasses.)

Francis...standing ALL. BY. HIMSELF. for short periods of time.  Soon he'll show his sister who's REALLY in charge!

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