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Monday, January 27, 2014

Making New Friends Out of Old Friends

Neither sleet nor snow kept Debbi and Jeff from making a visit this past weekend.  I mean that literally.  Their 11 hour trip from MI turned into 14 hours, after travelling through a snow storm with a 20 semi pile up on I-94 that made national headlines.
I think Johnny figures we re-celebrated his birthday.  He hasn't really ever known his godparents, since the last time we saw them was when he was 6 months old. He was overjoyed to make some wonderful memories with them.
The guys went out ice fishing, then we had a fish fry.

Some rousing games of Nerts with little kid partners.

Went to Winter Worship for our parish cluster and met the new bishop.
(The littles just walked right up and introduced themselves right when
we got there.  Sorry no picture...it was crazy, busy.)
Then back home for some serious, late night, big kid Nerts.
(They had to stand up because it got so competitive.)

Stephen exhibited his speed and agility at card handling...

to win the game. (Notice- I was originally playing, but Joseph subbed
for me.  We needed someone to document the drama with a few pictures!)

Johnny proudly posing with his "favorite" godparents.
I think they're a perfect fit for him.  Don't you?

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