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Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Cuteness

Except he's not really a baby much anymore.  He's tackled the stairs, standing for short periods by himself, walking behind a push toy and lugging a sippy cup around. Where'd our baby go?

Look what happens when a brother...
...or a sister get a hold of him.

What a delightful guy!  He is doted upon by all of his siblings.  He totally keeps us hopping and screams when trying to get attention, thereby receiving the nickname "Frazgul"(as in Lord of the Rings Nazgul fame).

Here he is hanging out with his favorite "toys".  After all, what baby doesn't love pots and pans?

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  1. OH, my gosh, he's gotten so big!! I can get my baby cuteness filled here!!

    I quit checking Bloglovin' and forgot about my faves...I bookmarked you so hopefully I'll keep up now. It just got to be too much to check.