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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (a little early)!  We will have our usual hectic Monday tomorrow (although we are going to celebrate with a little Mexican hot chocolate, I'm thinking) so I'm writing today, instead.  Marianna is starting to stand on her own a little more each day. She's very crabby right now because we are waiting on a couple of teeth, even ran a fever this past week. 
Therese is working on her Piano Contest piece,  very frustrating!  When she gets the whole thing memorized I'll post it for you.  Until then, just know we're building on the virtue of patience. 
Joseph and Tim are gone playing airsoft  today.  I guess Joseph is celebrating his final day at the Fleet Supply.  He will be meeting with the bishop tomorrow, so keep that in your prayers. 
After I finish this post, I will be signing Stephen up for his drivers' test.  Been checking the website for a week now waiting for an opening in Feb.  He's been steadily working his way into Timothy's good graces in the hopes of landing a job at Brudie's.  We'll see what happens with that.
Hope the weather is warming up there.  The little's are praying for snow, guess it's been a few years since we had a brown Christmas. 
Here's a picture from this past summer.  It's our own family band, I think:

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