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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

String Theory and Other News

 We are testing out Joe K's string theory.  How long can a string and a balloon keep small children happy.  Good news, Joe!  It took at least 20 min. before the first battle broke out.  Woohoo! for the newest winter sport in MN.
 See Gabriel in the above picture.  He's the #1 spoiler.  Thinks he has to have the balloon 24/7.  Ah well, onto other news.  How about a little contrast and compare.  Note smart looking young man on the left (Joseph's picture for the diocese) and compare with hairy, younger brothers on right. What am I going to do with those two? They say I should be glad that they shave every once in awhile. (Those glasses on Tim are actually his first pair of prescription lenses.  He's trying the kind that darken on their own to hopefully help with the headaches he's been having.)

  Thought I'd end this post with some artwork by Andrew and Matthew.


  1. That Clare is a beauty!

  2. Jeremiah wants to get art lessons from his cousins. Awesome artwork!!!

  3. I wanted them to teach me what they've learned, too.