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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Therese-ism....or three

So I'm making dinner the other night and Therese is getting in the way helping.  When suddenly she asks,  "Is this supposed to taste good?"  Umm, yeah, I hope so......


Therese:  Johnny, maybe you shouldn't play the part of Joseph this year.  You have to be really strong because I'm getting pretty heavy.


Last week I was reading some poems to her at bedtime.  One was called The Wish.  Out of the blue she said,  "I know what my wish is.  I don't want our family to get broked."
I asked what she meant by "broked" and she said, "Well, soon Joseph will go away to school and then Timothy will move away, then Stephen and Clare and pretty soon we'll all  be out in the world all by ourselves and you and Dad will be alone."
I assured her that we will always have each other no matter where everybody is.....and then we had a big hugging-smooching fest.   But boohoo, I know how she feels!

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