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Friday, December 16, 2011

I"m Throwing in the Towel

With the arrival of the new dryer, I have decided to try a new method in the never-ending battle to stay ahead of  the dirty laundry.  Yes, we've tried numerous solutions over the years ranging from big boys doing their laundry on certain days to the "Mom-in-charge-of-all"  routine. Always, to no avail.  Lots of complaints, lots of dirty laundry.  So I say, no more .... henceforth each of the "big boys" will be assigned a basket in which they may pile as much laundry as they choose until said boy wishes to wash aforementioned clothing and various shin-guards, etc.  This declaration was met with rejoicing by two of the big boy club, while 3rd member of club(who shall remain nameless) has vowed to wipe his previously used attire with hand sanitizer in the hopes that if he holds out long enough the "Mom-in-charge-of-all" routine will be reinstated. I'm pretty sure I smell victory......or maybe that's Purell. 


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