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Friday, December 30, 2011

Must be That Time of Year because Sickness has arrived at our house.  The post-holiday cheer always brings this dreaded guest.  This year It comes in the form of fever, runny nose and croupy cough, but only seems to be affecting the little's.  Marianna is in the worst phase of It and so I have not had much time to post.  We did wake to this lovely sight this morning

and so I forced recommended those not coughing up a lung head outside to play, since rumor has it the 40's will return tomorrow with rain (yuck!). 

Gabriel was absolutely miserable.  His nose was sooo raw looking, I finally told him to just use his shirt instead of tissue (It is the idea behind handkerchiefs, right?  The shirt he's wearing is just too convenient to pass up!)  Here he is at one of his least crabbiest moments

and Marianna at her epic worst


working on a lack of sleep.  Oh yeah!

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