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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Prayer before a Manger Scene

(I know this is kind of long ... I even edited it quite a bit , but Dan read it first thing this morning before we opened gifts and it was really meaningful to us.  It was written by Fr.  Peter John Cameron, OP and printed in the December Magnificat.)

Lord Jesus, as I kneel before your manger in adoration, let my first Christmas word be: thank you.  Thank you, Gift of the Father, for coming to save me from my sins.

You come as a baby because babies are irresistible and adorable.  You come as a baby because you want our first impression of God incarnate to be that of one who does not judge.  How I long to be united with you in every way.  May I never be attracted to the allurements and charms of the world.  May I love you always, at every moment, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  May the tenderness, the dependency, and the mercy that you reveal in your infancy become the hallmarks of my life.

Word become flesh, you make your dwelling among us.  Yet you do not live your life for yourself, but for us.  And you enable us to live in you all that you yourself lived.  Help me to embrace this truth with all my mind and heart.  Come and live your life in me.  Empty me of my willfulness, my petulance, my hardness, my cynicism, my contemptuousness.  Fill me with your truth, your strength, your fortitude, your purity, your gentleness, your generosity, your wisdom, your heart, and your grace.

O Emmanuel, may the assurance of your unfailing Presence be for me the source of unending peace.  May I never fear my weakness, my inadequacy, or my imperfection.  Rather, as I gaze with faith, hope, and love upon your incarnate littleness, may I love my own littleness, for God is with us.  Endow my life with a holy wonder that leads me ever more deeply into the Mystery of Redemption and the meaning of my vocation and destiny.

Oh, divine Fruit of Mary's womb, may I love you in union with the holy Mother of God.  May my life be filled with the obedience of Saint Joseph and the missionary fervor of the shepherds so that the witness of my life may shine like the star that leads the Magi to your manger.  I ask all this with great confidence in your holy name.


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