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Thursday, May 17, 2012

needle & thREAD

I'm joining Elizabeth's needle & thREAD this week because I am so excited about a new pattern I tried recently.  A friend loaned a stack of patterns to me last Fall and I just glanced through them and stuck them in a drawer in the basement (usually never to be found again).  About a month ago I realized that Marianna has exactly one Sunday dress that fits her.  I looked through my fabric remnants and figured there must be a dress or two in there somewhere.  But what kind of pattern could I use for my teeny, tiny, two year old?  I tried to downsize this...

but came up with what is now lovingly called "the clown outfit".

I got her into it but couldn't get her out.  Thought I might have to literally rip it off of her! I think we have a doll or two around here that might be able to wear this experiment.  Normally, I would have called it quits.  So glad I kept going because I dug up this pattern which was really easy to modify and now I think I want to make about 20 of them!   I'm on the prowl for some lace and cute buttons to jazz it up a bit. (Sorry about the blurry pictures.  I'm trying out my Mother's Day gift from Joe and Tim and let's face it my model isn't keen on standing still for long.)

My read-of-the-week is Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Rose Deibler.  I wrote a bit about this yesterday. It gives an interesting historical perspective of WWII and I have a whole new appreciation for missionary work. 

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  1. Sweet dresses... too bad the one didn't fit. I made one not too long ago for my little one... 2nd skin yep.