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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes, we have the latest technology!

Or so the kids think.  We have found all kinds of treasures at Grandma and Grandpa's, as they've prepared to move over the last few weeks.  This is by far the most popular....

Oh, wait!  Not those awesome headphones.  We already owned those beauties.   No, I'm talking about this little gem...

Or here's an even better view...

Just in case you have forgotten the very latest 1900's technology, it's called a Walkman tape player.  Every kid in this family has gone crazy for this unique, little invention.  Alright, maybe not the oldest, iPod toting bunch.  They wouldn't be caught dead with this antique.

Did I mention they can even listen to the RADIO when they run out of cassette tapes of Adventures in Odyssey?   Oh, joy!

Even Marianna is mesmerized!

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