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Friday, May 11, 2012

Our own little garden tour

We spent the last couple of weeks cleaning out our flower beds.  Here's a few shots of our progress.  This garden is our favorite, it's right outside our kitchen window.  We like to watch the birds in the birdbath.

Our Mary garden keeps getting bigger every year.   The bench has a lovely view of the lake.
It's very shady along the woods so most of the perenials have a shorter flowering time. We usually have a few volunteer plants that just show up in the Spring. Never quite sure what we'll find....it's always an adventure!

The little people like to write messages on the slate stepping stones.  Or sometimes just the name of someone they are praying for.  The rain washes all the lettering away but there's always more chalk to start again!

This flower bed includes a chair that Grandpa Dave made, a little bird house that was on the property before we were and a bluebird house that Dan made years ago but the birds still occupy every spring.  The picture doesn't do it justice....

Last, and most certainly least, is our newest flower bed I started out of desperation last year when Dan wanted to turn the grass between the driveways up front into a parking area.   I rescued my only batch of sunny perennials and relocated them to this sad little location.  We're hoping they do better this summer.

Kind of pitiful.

I hope to post an update when the peonies are in bloom.  This is a great way to keep track of my flowers as I move them around and change things (a never ending process, I'm afraid!).

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