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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm a little late joining the Yarn Along crowd this week.  I've finally started on the back of the Bianca sweater.  Really interested to see how this all comes together in the end.

Can't tell from the photo but it's all one piece now.  The front sections are at the bottom of the picture and the sleeves are toward the ends of the needle.  I think I hit the long boring part of this pattern.  Only five more inches and the decreases will start and things will speed up a bit (I keep hoping, anyway).

I just finished reading Arms of Love.  Had that book for forever and could never get around to finishing it.  I'll probably pass it on to Clare when she's older.  I wanted to like that book so bad but it just didn't seem very realistic.  Bummer! 

For this week's read, I started Consoling the Heart of Jesus for the second time.  I loaned it to a friend who liked it so much she decided to buy her own copy.  It's the kind of book that's hard to loan out because I keep wanting to reread parts of it.  Maybe I'll be on a perpetual do-it-yourself retreat!

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