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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One dark and stormy night

Didn't get a chance to post this last week.  Don't know about you, but we've had some nasty weather lately.  It's time for dinner.... the storm clouds are rolling in.....

the weather radio is screaming horrendous tales of hail and high winds headed in our direction....Grandpa's calling to make sure everyone has taken cover....where, oh where are my children?....in the basement where any sane person would be?..... uh, no....they're out in the front yard checking out this awesome snapping turtle....

the picture does not do him justice....but let's just say I didn't really care at the time....so I tell everyone to head into the house....and they obey like the good little children I know they are....and they ask if they can wait outside to show Dad when he get's home from work!  NO.... need I say more?.....NO!

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  1. But why can't we wait outside in this awesome weather?!? :)