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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creativity Around Our Home

As we were heading out the door for Mass last Tuesday night, Dan took one look at Therese's shoes and announced that I needed to take her shopping.

OK, maybe they ARE looking a little tough.
Much better!
Andrew needed a new pair as well and then while we were there Clare discovered a totally adorable pair of flats that were on clearance. 

Suddenly we were the proud owners of a lot of shoe boxes.  Before I had time to throw them in the boiler, everyone got busy with their glue and scissors.

Check out the total organization on that table.

Andrew's diorama was the only one that showed up decently in the photos I took.  Here's the outside view

and the view from the inside.

Pretty Cool!
Since I wasn't able to get a decent shot of Matthew's diorama,  here's a little something he made for me while I was at a meeting on Thursday night.

What a sweetheart!
This side says Handle With Care and inside there was a little note that said, "I love you!"  Awww,  please excuse me, where's the kleenex? (Someone's probably turning it into a diorama:)


  1. your kids are the greatest!!

    Shoes...my kiddos wear their boots all winter, so then spring comes and we find out they all need new shoes!

  2. I was counting on the kids wearing boots all winter,too.This year is so weird though.

  3. To cute! I usually just get sick of the boxes floating around and chuck them, next time I will think twice:)