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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

School Stuff

We always have a big-time lull at this time of year.  Doing "school" becomes pure drudgery.  To combat this, I told the little people I would post some of the projects they have been working on.  I also rearranged our schedule a little and printed To Do lists to keep me on track.  I am a visual person so if it's out of sight, it's as good as forgotten!

Then I bought a new stash of pencils.  Never under estimate the thrill of colorful writing materials.

We are studying Astronomy (note the planet posters in the background, they think it's fun to put each one up as we read about them.  It's really for me though, like I said out of sight is out of mind!)

We are also working our way through a Lewis and Clark unit in history and found lots of interesting reading material at the library.
Although one book is on my yucky list.  Why do they think little kids would care whether Sacagewea had a romantic relationship with Lewis (or was it Clark?  Dang, tells you how much I retained.)
Anyway, caught that one before it was read out loud.

This project was a mobile of animals of the West and they listened to a CD of music from the Early American time period.....pretty sure I heard their brains growing!

Andrew made these men as another part of our history study.  The guy in brown is Daniel Boone and there's a British soldier, can't for the life of me remember what the other two are though.

And, of course there's always time for a good read aloud with an older brother!

What's up with the mittens Dabers?

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