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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fire Away!

Last night I glanced out the living room window to see this.

Yep, Dan's at it again.  He waited so patiently for just the right amount of snow cover this year.  All summer we collect the brush from any storm damage (and there was quite a bit the past two years) and then it all goes up in flames when Dan gets the itch to burn. 
Of course, everyone has to get in on the action!

And I mean everyone.  Marianna would have none of sitting in the car, while everyone else is partying.

Not sure who started it but soon snowballs were flying.

Then the camera started dying (hence the following pictures)

Taking time out to warm hands.

 By the end of the night we had a bunch of cold and soggy munchkins

and some sad looking tennis shoes!

Hate those sticky thingy's in the woods, can't even get'em off your skin!

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