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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining the Yarn Along has done wonders for my sweater.  I'm hoping to finish it by next week.  After getting back into the swing of the pattern, I remembered how much I loved this yarn. It's just exceptionally yummy! So soft and springy and warm, I have been happily knitting everywhere I go. Practically begged Timothy to drive on Monday for grocery shopping so I could keep at it.  Didn't work though.

I've been reading The Captain's Dog out loud to the little people for breakfast.  You'd think we'd be pretty sick of Lewis and Clark by now, but this book has been great fun.  A short journal entry from Captain Lewis for the beginning of each chapter and then the dog's point of view on the same events.  Matthew and Andrew keep begging for more.
Sorry to say I have been so busy knitting that I am not reading a thing for myself right now.  Have to remedy that for next week I guess.
Enjoy more Yarn Along adventures with Ginny.

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