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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Extent to Which Things are Falling Apart Around Here

The fixer-guys have been at it again.  They're back to working on the Honda.  You know the car with the new transmission and a million other things waiting to go wrong on it.  Yeah, that one!

Don't ask me what this is.  I wasn't even at home on the night in question.  (The past week I attended four meetings from Sunday through Thursday night and Tuesday we did our weekly family Mass night....)  Let's just suffice it to say that Jimmy Biz (Tim's band buddy and fav friend) hijacked the camera took these fabulous photos.

Nice shot of the back of Joe's head.
Here's Tim hard at work doing what he always does when there are car repairs to be made.

If our vehicles don't start behaving, we might have to resort to this...

Of course, it would work better if we had a little snow.
Next up!  I want them to fix this...

the switch on the left won't work unless it's EXACTLY in the middle.  Not up, not down, just EXACTLY in the middle.  It's a two-way switch so you'd think that we would just use the one in the kitchen, right?  WRONG!  Tried it. Didn't work. Tried running back and forth across the room switching ON/OFF, ON/OFF.  No go.  Tried having a kiddo stand at each switch and turn them on and off SIMULTANEOUSLY.  Nada. Only this switch works and it has to be EXACTLY in...the...middle. 

Just to let you know how worrisome the situation has become, I'll also tell you that Stephen has been seen with a screwdriver claiming that he is going to fix this hear little problem.  Anyone who knows Stephen, knows that his name should never be mentioned in the same sentence with screwdriver and electricity.  Definitely not the Fixer in the family, need I say more?

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