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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Rather Productive Saturday

Lots of projects were in progress yesterday...

I made another bag.  This one is going to be used for the books I take to Adoration on Fridays.  (I thought the last bag I sewed was for that purpose but I didn't check the dimensions and it ended up way too big.)

Clare (with just a tiny bit of my help) cut this fabric for the skirt on the front cover.  I'll have to give her a little nudge but hoping to sew it up later this week.

On a much larger scale,  Timothy and his friend Jim worked with Dan on a wooden box to transport their sound equipment for their band.  I only caught the tail end of their project.  It's really impressive!

Then, of course, in a family this size....there's always a couple of slackers. (Stephen caught them playing video games!  Wonder who's winning....the 3yo or the 20yo).

Well, I gotta run.  We're about to have a Skype meeting with Debbi for the Haiti trip.  This should be a real blast.

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