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Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a stroll down memory lane...


1.  You have an awesome, quirky sense of humor.

2.  You are big time organized (well, maybe not your bedroom.  Of course, that couldn't be your fault).

3.  You are argumentative (in a good sort of way, you know what you belive and there's no compromise).

4.  Very best buddy to Timothy and worst buddy to Joe (someone's got to keep him on his toes).

5.  You are helpful...would have never written that a couple of years ago, like good wine, you've definately improved with age.

6.  You are a logical, mathematical thinker (I'm only letting you move out after Marianna finishes geometry)!!

7.  You are motivated.  You put your mind to something and it will get done.

8.  You are disciplined (waking up early being the one exception).

9.  You are well-spoken...ha!  Couldn't help throwing that one in after the meeting yesterday;)
(A fellow soccer mom came up and said that my son was very well spoken.  Ahem, are you talking to me?)
10.  You are here...with us...to celebrate your 16th birthday and I am so very happy about that!

Our family wouldn't be the same without you.

Happy Sweet 16!
Love, Mom

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