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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is science really fun?

I would have said no to that question when I was a kid but I think Matthew and Andrew feel differently.  Check out what they did for their study of Mars:


Cut steel wool into small pieces and mix with sand in two pie tins.

Pour water over one pie tin to wet the sand.

Observe sand with magnifying glass (a visual enlargener according to Stephen).

Here's my only issue with science experiments, now the pie tins have to sit for a week and be watered and observed.  Where is the best place for this?  The kitchen counter, of course.  So appetizing!  Forgot... my other beef with science is how infrequently the experiments pan out, just ask Joseph, Tim and Stephen.  We're talking 13 years of failure! 


This part of our educational post was much more exciting because it involved food... which explains why all the little's came out of the woodwork to join us.

The directions are simple...throw a bunch of candy, frosting and various other junk food on the table with a picture of a Mars rover and tell everybody to get creative.



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