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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along

Surprise, surprise...I finished the sweater I had been working on for the last few weeks.  So glad I kept at it because I really like everything about it. 

Thinking about making buttons, like the original sweater has. Not sure if I'm really that ambitious though.  Hoping to get pictures and other details on Ravelry soon.

To celebrate finishing one project,  I cast on for the Fleurette jacket.  I know it looks like a doll scarf right now and that might be all the farther I get with it because I'm also starting in on Marianna's Christmas stocking.  Hard to be in the Christmas spirit during Lent, though.

I'm reading Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition for like the third time.  Lots of info about vitamins and general nutrition.  I always have to re-read after I forget that all these things make me feel better... well, the right food and that whole exercise thing.  Did you know that a woman's body loses 1% of its muscle mass every year after she turns 40?  I am seriously considering some weight training, nothing drastic (you know me).  According to my calculations, if this body is going to last long enough to spring 8 more kids into self-sufficiency...I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

Check out more Yarn Along inspiration at Ginny's blog.

1 comment:

  1. Your sweater looks great!

    fwiw, I really like weight-training. I like the feeling that my body is willing and able to do whatever I ask it too - I feel like weight-training (just basic stuff) gives me a sort of body-competence, if that makes sense.