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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fixer Update

Thursday night Joseph and Stephen went into town for an apologetics class and a quick stop at Shopko.  They never made it to the class, though.  As they were leaving the Shopko parking lot the Honda died and then started smoking a bunch.  They had to push the car back into the parking lot and send out an SOS (so glad I wasn't the one driving it). Long story short...Honda back in the garage for a fixer upper.  Anyone keeping count on fixits for this vehicle in recent history?  I really should keep a running tally of some sort.  The latest episode in car repairs has everybody on the prowl for a new beater vehicle to add to our existing entourage.  Dave and Nadine have a neighbor's vehicle in their driveway that needs a head gasket.  Guess that just might be the newest victim....we'll see.

On the other side of the garage, we're still in sandblasting mode.  Joe's working on a trailer for a fish house. The VW is still waiting in the wings.

On the home front, Joe gave the basement shower a face lift with all new caulking in the hope that  leaking will come to an end.

And here's another SOS.....time for nap!

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  1. i must say you make me feel busy around here with the posts.